TeleSense Canada Gives Canadians Access to Comprehensive Healthcare Services From the Safety of Their Home

​​​​Canadians can receive healthcare services from the safety of their home courtesy of TeleSense Canada. The telemedicine platform was designed with the capability to make an accurate diagnosis complete with vital signs, setting it apart from other platforms as a true telehealth solution.

The consumer platform from TeleSense allows Canadians to set up their clinic at home, simplify planning, and encourage patients to be more active with their health care by seamlessly integrating into their daily lives. The platform supports active trend analysis, and test compliance alerts via TeleSense Care Central, email, and text. The intuitive, easy-to-use, high-resolution touch screen keeps patients connected to their clinician 24/7, eliminating unnecessary travel, and reducing intervention time.

Patients communicate with their healthcare provider via video conferencing once they set up their clinic. The user-friendly video technology connects using the Internet. The Patient or the Physician can initiate an on-demand care session through the intuitive interface, making the experience effortless. The platform includes five medical devices: a blood pressure unit, thermometer, pulse oximeter (SPO2), glucometer and scale which allows physicians to analyze real-time comprehensive monitoring data during the virtual exam.

The patient’s healthcare provider can integrate their electronic health records with TeleSense, further improving their ability to give the patient a comprehensive medical examination without requiring them to leave their home. Patients can rest assured their sensitive data is protected because the technology keeps the data secure by encrypting it.

The healthcare provider also has the option to consult directly with a medical specialist if the situation calls for it. Utilizing video, medical devices, electronic health records, and input from specialists, TeleSense acts as the health provider’s eyes, hands, and in-office medical instruments. This service ensures an accurate diagnosis from hundreds or thousands of miles away. Patients do not have to expose themselves by sitting in a waiting room, and those who have difficulty traveling or lack access to transportation are spared the extra stress.

Canadians can purchase the TeleSense Canada platform online, the platform comes with six free Medical Consultations, and additional consultations can be added.

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TeleSense Canada is a leading telemedicine solution provider helping healthcare organizations, medical professionals and utilities, and energy sector organizations benefit from next-generation technology. TeleSense, Canada is committed to delivering high-quality technology and healthcare services by creating a digital health platform that can evolve and scale to address ongoing needs and demands. The company’s solutions empower pharmacies, businesses, medical professionals, and healthcare organizations to take advantage of state-of-the-art telemedicine/telehealth technology. Learn more at

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