TeleSense Canada and Adeya Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide Advanced Secure Communication and Collaboration Platform for Healthcare

TeleSense Canada, a leading advanced digital health and communication provider, announces a strategic partnership with Adeya, a Switzerland-based software as a service (SaaS) for secure communication and collaboration. This partnership will enable the emerging mobile healthcare workforce to meet the evolving digital secure collaboration and data protection needs of Canadian healthcare customers.

Michael Haddad, Telesense CEO, says, "Building on our strategic relationship with Adeya will enable us to deliver a high-security, end-to-end encrypted communication platform to meet the needs and demands of Canadian organizations deploying mobile-centric software strategies in the healthcare industry."

Canadian healthcare is experiencing rapid digitalization and there is a need for privacy-focused, compliant solutions with familiar interfaces that ease the transition for an overburdened medical community.

François Rodriguez, Adeya Chief Growth Officer, says, "We have developed Adeya to address the ever-increasing needs for healthcare professionals to have access to files and to communicate in a secure and compliant way. The partnership with Telesense is opening up the Canadian market for Adeya, which is one of the most advanced healthcare systems closing the digital transformation gap with zero trust."

The TeleSense Canada strategic initiative, together with Adeya, will allow the Canadian healthcare community to take advantage of a fully Canadian compliant solution that satisfies regulatory policies, enhances secure collaboration and, most importantly, is simple to use. This will help prevent overburdening healthcare workers with yet another complex software solution to learn. Telesense Canada and Adeya believe the medical community's time is its most valuable asset.

About TeleSense Canada

TeleSense Canada is a leading digital health solution provider helping healthcare organizations and medical professionals benefits from next-generation technology. We are committed to enabling advanced secure digital health that can evolve and scale to address the ongoing needs and demands of Canadian healthcare organizations.

About Adeya

Switzerland-based Adeya's advanced secure communications and collaboration platform enables a multitude of features that extend from secure messaging, voice and video calling, to secure file container and file sharing. With such an advanced security platform becoming available to Canadian organizations, it will drive a new transformation towards a more secure and privacy-focused environment while enabling efficient team collaboration.

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TeleSense Canada
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